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SPANISH I CHAPTER 2 GRAMMAR Mr. Saucedo Young Men’s College Prep LA ESCUELA.

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Realidades 1 Textbook Chapter 2 notes for grammar Spanish Beginning Lesson in grammar High School level


  • 1. SPANISH ICHAPTER 2 GRAMMARMr. SaucedoYoung Mens College Prep

2. PUNTOS ESENCIALES1. SUBJECT PRONOUNS2. PRESENT TENSE OF AR VERBS3. THE VERB ESTAR4. PLURAL OF NOUNS AND ARTICLES 3. SUBJECT PRONOUNSThe subject pronouns in Ensligh are: I, you, he, she, we, they.In Spanish:Singular pluralYo Nosotros /nosotrasT / UstedVosotros /Vosotras /Ustedesl / Ella Ellos / Ellas Use t with family or Friends informal setting Use usted with adults formal setting T + t = vosotros Usted + Usted = Ustedes Usted + t = Ustedes 4. SUBJECT PRONOUNSPractice?What subject pronouns would you use to talk about these people?1. Your friend Carlos 2. Mara and Sarah. 3. El Sr.Trevio.4. Felipe y yo. 5. Pablo, Toms y Anita. 6. T yEsteban.7. La secretaria 8. Miguel. 9. T y Jos. 10. Yo y mi madre. 5. THE PRESENT TENSE OF ARVERBSYou already know that the infinitive forms of Spanish verbs alwaysend in ar, er, ir.To create the forms of ar verbs, you first drop the ar from theinfinitive leaving the stem of the verb, then you add the followingenSdINinGgUsL.ARPRONOUNENDING PLURALPRONOUNENDINGYo O Nosotros AMOST AS Vosotros ISl EllaUstedA UstedesEllos /EllasANThe verb endings alwaysindicate who is doing theaction. They tell you who isspeaking. Because of this, youcan often use the verb withouta subject.Example:Hablo ingls - Practicodeportes. 6. PRESENT TENSE OF AR VERBSPrctica auditivaYou will hear eight ar verbs. If theending tells you one person isperforming the action, raise onehand. If the ending tells you moretan one person is doingsomething, raise both hands. 7. -AR VERBSACTIVIDAD - HABLARLook at the pictures and tellwhat these people arestudying.1. Laura2. Josefina, Elena y yo.3. T4. Catalina y Jos5. Joaqun y t.6. Yo 8. THE VERB ESTARThe verb ESTAR does not follow the regular ar conjugation endings.Its an iregular verb. It has the following conjugations.SINGULARPRONOUNSPLURAL PRONOUNSESTOY ESTAMOSESTS ESTISEST ESTN 9. ACTIVIDAD WITH ESTAREn qu clase estn? Give the correct forms ofestar as you tell whatclass each person is in.1. YO2. Nosotros3. Ella4. Los profesores5. T2. La profesora 10. THE PLURAL OF NOUNS ANDARTICLESTo make nouns plural, youusually add s to wordsending in a vowel and esto words ending in aconsonant.Ex: Silla SillasCartel Carteles.Singular nouns that end inZ, change the Z to C in theplural form.Ex: El lpiz Loslpices.The plural of the indefinite anddefinite articles are as follow:SINGULAR PLURALEL LOSLA LASUN UNOSUNA UNAS 11. ACTIVIDAD: PLURALSWrite the plural forms of the articles and nounsbelow.1. El cuaderno ____________________ 2. La papelera_____________________3. Una clase _____________________ 4. El profesor______________________5. Un escritorio ____________________ 6. La bandera______________________7. Una mochila ____________________ 8. Un pupitre_______________________ 12. HOMEWORKDO THE FOLLOWING PAGES ON THE ELECTRONIC WORKBOOKPages: 35, 36, 37Pages: 44, 45, 46.