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  • 1. TAG es una firma de innovacin de procesos tecnolgicos y consultora gerencial. Las actividades de Equipo TAG estn dirigidas al cliente: enteramente dedicados a reducir costo y aadir valor. Enfocados en una oferta de servicio de principio a fin y el manejo de procesos de negocio, el Equipo TAG tiene la capacidad de mejorar la agilidad, eficiencia y ejecucin de su organizacin. Nuestros servicios se integran con su modelo de negocios, combinando el conocimiento que tiene el cliente del negocio con la habilidad y metodologa utilizada por nuestros especialistas. El equipo de TAG esta enfocado en las necesidades del cliente y en como nuestro conocimiento puede mejorar los resultados de la empresa. Expandimos nuestras fronteras con operaciones y representantes de ventas en Republica Dominicana (RNC # 1-30-75631-7) y Panam.
  • 2. Expandiendo FronterasClientesCrecimiento Sostenido 2007 2008 2009 2010-Q1 2010-Q2 2010-Q3 Crecimiento Sostenido TAG ha duplicado sus ganancias en los ltimos dos aos. Clientes TAG ha duplicado su base de clientes en los ltimos dos aos. Expandiendo Fronteras Presencia y Clientes institucionales en la Repblica Dominicana y Panam
  • 3. Consultora Manejo de Procesos de Negocio Planificacin Documentacin Tcnica Desarrollo de Sistemas Fbrica de Software Consultora General de IT Productos capaces de ayudar a su empresa a prevenir ataques de seguridad a travs del: Counter-Phising Monitoreo de Redes Deteccin y Prevencin de Intrusin Proteccin contra Virus Proteccin contra Spyware Anlisis de Vulnerabilidad de Redes Video Surveillance (AVIGILON) Servicios de Seguridad Servicios en la Nube Email hosting Resguardo y recuperacin de datos para recuperacin de desastres (Back-up and Replication) Servicios de Seguridad en la Nube (Security Cloud Services) Tecnologa Verde Ahorro energtico mediante el monitoreo y administracin de equipos conectados a IPs
  • 4. Servicios Administrados (Managed Services) Soluciones de Equipo (Hardware) Soluciones de Programacin (Software) Soluciones Tecnolgicas
  • 5. Financiera Banco Popular de Puerto Rico First Bank Puerto Rico HR Mortgage Cooperativa Hermanos Unidos Trust Mortgage VAPR Cndel Coop Cooperativa Ahorro y Crdito Quebradillas Banco Popular Dominicano Seguros TOLIC ASSA Panama Universal Insurance IT & ITES Evertec Telecomunicaciones PRT Orange Republica Dominicana Otras Abbott Pharmaceuticals Apex Technologies Direct Response Data Vimenca Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez Hospicio La Guadalupe Grupo Rojas Repblica Dominicana
  • 6. Security Products IT Security and Compliance Delivered as a Service QualysGuard Vulnerability Management QualysGuard Policy Compliance QualysGuard PCI Compliance Web Application Scanning Malware Detection SECURE Seal Video Surveillance
  • 7. Security Products Data Governance Unstructured Data Management Entitlement Review Cost Reduction of Planned Projects -Accelerating Audits -Access Permission & Entitlement Reviews -Everyone Problem & other global groups Accelerating Time to Value for Planned Projects -Data Archiving -Storage Consolidation -Data Classification -Server Consolidation -Data Loss Prevention -Helpdesk Misplaced & Deleted Files -A/D Consolidation -Charge backs for Data Usage Security, Risk & Compliance -Copyright Infringement -Forensics -Regulatory Compliance -Early Resignation Warning System Varonis File System Permissions Users and Groups Access Activity Data Sensitivity Why Purchase? Who can access a data set? Who has been accessing it? Which data is sensitive? Who is the data owner? How do I lock down sensitive data? Automate Entitlement Reviews Control Access Workflow
  • 8. Security Products BT Global Services Penetration Testing Ethical Hacking Vulnerability Assessment Application Testing Code Review BT Counterpane Managed Security ServicesInternet and DMZ Network Infrastructure Extranets and VPNs IDS/IPS Firewalls Corporate User Systems Infrastructure Systems HR and Financial Databases Applications and Systems Data Warehousing and Reporting Web Presence eCommerce Systems Wireless Access Points Customer Network and Critical Assets Compliance and Regulated Systems Critical Corporate Infrastructure Managed Security Monitoring Managed Vulnerability Scanning Managed Log Retention Device Monitoring Ethical Hacking
  • 9. Security Products Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) and IPS: For large networks with dedicated security teams, Sourcefire Next- Generation IPS (NGIPS) includes network, application, behavior, and identity awareness for improved visibility and automation. Sourcefire IPSx: For smaller networks managed by network administrators and IT generalists, IPSx secures networks and meets compliance mandates with minimal administrative attention. Sourcefire SSL Appliance: Decrypts SSL Traffic at 1Gbps line rate to enable existing security appliances to effectively inspect SSL traffic.
  • 10. BRS Backup and Recovery Solutions Deduplication Storage for Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems dramatically reduce the amount of disk storage needed to retain and protect enterprise data. By identifying redundant files and data as they are being stored, Data Domain systems provide a storage footprint that is 10x- 30x smaller, on average, than the original dataset. Backup data can then be efficiently replicated and retrieved over existing networks for streamlined disaster recovery and consolidated tape operations. ExaGrid is extremely cost-effective, providing data compression for the most recent backup along with byte-level data deduplication for all previous backups. ExaGrids byte-level data deduplication technology stores only the changes from backup to backup instead of storing full file copies. This unique approach reduces the amount of SATA disk space needed by a range of 10 to 1, to upwards of 50 to 1, or more, resulting in a solution that is a fraction of the cost of standard SATA drives and about the cost of tape backup. A remote ExaGrid system can replace off-site tape because the byte-level data deduplication technology only moves changed bytes, requiring minimal bandwidth.
  • 11. Data Storage Scale Computing provides enterprise=class, intelligent data storage solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises. Our products are simple to understand, easy to configure and even easier to manage. The Scale Difference Full functionality is included in every Scale Storage node. No extra charges for additional protocols, features licenses, drives or maintenance programs. Future-Proof Storage. Mix and match storage nodes and add protocols to the same cluster without changing your hardware. Protocols added tomorrow will work with the storage you but today. Price Advantage. Enterprise-class functionality at a fraction of the cost of most storage providers. (Scale often outperforms solutions that cost twice as much.)
  • 12. Wan Optimization Critical to enterprise success Here are just some of the ways our Steelhead products can help your company save real money today: Save WAN Bandwidth Consolidate IT Infrastructure Lower IT Services Costs Reduce Media Management Costs Enable Datacenter Reduced Real Estate Expenses Reduce RTO / RPO Reduce Power and cooling Requirements Reduce Business Reduced Facilities Costs Riverbed provides the only comprehensive WAN optimization solutions to a host of problems that prevent enterprises from sharing applications and data across wide-area networks anywhere in the world. Steelhead appliances from Riverbed and Steelhead Mobile increase network throughput and application performance by up to 100 times. Riverbed Cascade provides enterprise- wide network and application visibility and analysis for both enterprise customers and service providers
  • 13. Email Hosting, Archiving & eMessaging Continuity
  • 14. What Is Drobo? Our customers think of us as a hard drive that is NEVER FULL AND NEVER FAILS. Hard drives get full and wear out. A single drive failure can lose your data. Not so with Drobo. Meet your new storage solution, the safe and expandable Drobo. It's so simple that anyone can use it, yet powerful enough for business. Drobo plugs into Mac and Windows systems for redundant data protection without the complexities of RAID. Dynamically expand storage any time. Drobo holds up to 24 TB in from four to eight drive bays using any combination of 3.5" SATA drives. It comes with FireWire, USB, eSATA, Ethernet, and iSCSI connectivity options, so you get the data protection you need with the speed and interface you want. Redundant Protection, No Headaches Drobo provides the redundant protection of much more expensive storage, in a format you don't have to configure or manage. We call this BeyondRAIDTM technology. You'll call it peace of mind.
  • 15. Datacard Partner for Instant Issuance