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My Presentation <3

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My Presentation <3

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Personal Info <3I am “EM” a 16 years old girl, I’m simple

yet generous. I maybe not a smarter as other’s are but I believe in my self that I can do better than other’s. I am the youngest of the family, I am a senior high student of GSCNHS, somebody like’s me because of my attitude, they said that they are lucky to have me as there friend, but despite of that I feel so bad because of those problem’s that I’ve secretly suffer. But it’s not matter to me what’s matter is I have a “GOD” to pull me up when I am feel down.

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My Family <3

My family are the best family at all, both of my parents do there best to become us a responsible one. We are 4 members in the family, my mother, father, brother and me. Maybe we get mad to each other but deep in side we all know that we love each other from the bottom of our hypothalamus.

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My Best friend <3

My best friend named Rojean T. Espina, she’s my best friend, childhood friend since grade 2 and she’s one of those best cousin that I have. My partner in crime, my shoulder to cry on, I’m so very lucky to have her, although she has a problem but she never forget me to comfort when I have a problem too. We laugh for the whole entire day when we are together, because we both know that best friend are meant to be best friend


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Educational Background <3 When I was a kinder student I am the representative

of our school for the competition of “Pick and tell” and for the best I won a gold medal.

When I was in grade 1 every recognition I am the top 1 of the class and in our graduation day I am the first honor of our section. For me that was the biggest achievements that I’ve achieve. But for now on I don’t have any achievement that I’ve achieve.

And now I am a 4th year high school student, I have a lot of labidabs called Bonifacio “BONIWARRIORS” :P