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EMPLOYEE DETAILS Full Name: Hassan Rashid Semndili ID Number: M00096 Position: Warehouse Assistant Department: EA Email Address: [email protected] Phone Number: +255 714 264 129

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Full Name: Hassan Rashid Semndili

ID Number: M00096


Position: Warehouse Assistant


Department: EA


Email Address: [email protected]


Phone Number: +255 714 264 129


Acknowledgment Executive summary


Introduction WIAfrica (T) in the Telecommunication industry




Probation Period

Valid Time For Probation Progress Responsibilities for my position


SECTION THREESuccesses, Challenges and Future Plans

Successes Challenges Future Plans



Conclusion & Recommendation

Conclusion Recommendation



Thanks to God Almighty for this day that I am presenting my report, Also,

Thanks to Human Resource (HR) department , Executive Administration Department (E.A) for their good team work and assistance since day one at WIARICA TANZANIA LIMITED

Much thanks to my head of department Madam Lillian for her hand to hand support and guidance through my works and other duties for the purpose of E .A Department goals and the whole company. Furthermore I thank my immediate superior Mr. Yang Yong for his support for being very close to me during the whole period

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYExecutive summary of the probation report/presentation at WIAfrica (T) Ltd.

The aims of the this probation report/presentation is to show what I have been doing for the specified period of three months working at WIAfrica (T) Ltd.

This presentation comprises of the successes, challenges faced when accomplish duties, future plan together with the conclusion and recommendation.

WIAfrica (T) LtdIntroductionWIAfrica (T) Ltd is wireless telecommunications Services Company which deploys and operates state-of-the-art 4G communication networks (the fourth generation of mobile phone communication standards.

WIAfrica (T) in the Telecommunication industry world

The company is based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (the headquarters). WIAfrica (T) Ltd operates as a subsidiary of Chongqing Xinwei Telecommunication Technology Co. Ltd.

WIAfrica (T) Ltd now operates in Dar es Salaam where its main focus is set for the cities; in future it will be extended to Arusha, Mwanza, Mbeya, Tanga and Dodoma. These areas are on the top priority list to enjoy the benefit of WIAfrica (T) Ltd.

Oversees, currently the company is operating in Cambodia, Nicaragua, Panama, Uganda and China with the brand name CooTel.


Valid Time for Probation

According to WIAfrica (T) Ltd the valid time for probation is Three(3) Months, thus make my probation time to end at 1st March,2017 since I have been working at WIAfrica (T) Ltd from 2nd Dec,2016 after finish all the pre procedures to be employed here.


Probation Period

Probation PeriodProgressFor these three months for me working at WIAfrica (T) Ltd, at the end of each month I used to write a report as directed by the Human resource Department.

Human resource department gave me the report format in which include work plan for the current month, Achievements of the work done, Challenges together with their solutions, Work plans for next month and Employees shortage impact on duty performance this was to be filled by the my Supervisor.

For Each monthly report had to be signed by the Employee and Direct Manager and then submitted to the Human Resource Department.


Probation PeriodResponsibilities The followings are the duties assigned for my positon:

Be responsible for acceptance, storage, inventory , packing loading and dispatching of daily materials.

Be responsible for the company’s goods out of the library work and make the appropriate records, timely feedback out of the library information to protect the company’s security and accuracy of the number of goods.

Regular inventory, keep abreast of the inventory , and issue accurate inventory information table.

Be responsible for the treasury of the security management, check the treasury of the fire, security facilities, classified storage items to ensure safety and quality

Familiar with the corresponding material equipment varieties, specification, models and performance


Probation Period


Be responsible for monthly report accurately and, timely. Responsible for regulating cargo storage environment to

optimal conditions, often concerned about temperature, humidity, ventilation , corrosion and other factors and take appropriate action.

Handling daily work orders from other department. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.



Successes, Challenges and Future Plans

SuccessesConsider my achievements bellow for the three months of probation Based on my responsibilities as warehouse assistant :

Warehouse- is a place where excess material is kept which will be used as and when required. Acceptance, Storage, Inventory, Packing, Loading And Dispatching Of Daily Materials

Acceptance (Receiving) all the process of checking and accepting, from all sources (supplier, production units, repair units etc.), all materials and parts which are used in the organization. These include supplies for operating processes (BTS), offices and installations.

StorageOnce the unloaded material is approved by the quality control department, as per the quality plan in the quality system, it is moved to a specific place in the stores layout.

Material placement confirmation

Arrange the delivery of the goods according to the project schedule

Inventory and location


Storage process

Confirm the quantity and quality of


Print the warehouse receipt

Document receipt

Document processing

Inventory updates






1 .Storehouse

2#、 3#、4# Terminal Warehouse

5#storehouse (sub cable and


SECTION THREE… Successes, Challenges and

Future PlansSuccesses…

Responsible for the treasury of the security management, check the treasury of the fire, security facilities, classified storage items to ensure safety and quality Managed to design the damages reports form which can be used in the company . Managed to design the Blueprints of all materials in warehouse.To conduct inspection for all fire extinguishers in the company.




SECTION THREE… Successes, Challenges and

Future PlansChallenges

o The names of materials in the warehouse mostly are recorded in chinese languange we solve This with help of my direct manager we already translate the names of materials in warehouse

o Internet speedLately we have being experiencing low speed internet which makes work even more harder. I solve this by coming very early in the morning in the office because in that time the internet speed is good .

SECTION THREE… Successes, Challenges and

Future PlansFuture Plan

oTo provide balanced flow of materials in warehouse example HDPE Pipes and concrete poles and stones

o To provide training and support about warehouse activities to other department

o To design blueprints of materials in all warehouse

o To understand about computerized warehousing systems and software (yonyou U8)

o To be familiar with corresponding material equipment varieties, specification, models and performance;

o To support other Wiafrica Co LtD operation in order to make sure we achieving the objectives and goals



Conclusion & Recommendation


The cost of materials is one of the largest elements of cost. Proper storing of

materials is very important to prevent losses from damage, pilferage and

deterioration in quality of materials. The company must, therefore, be properly

organised and equipped for the handling of raw materials example wood for

handling concrete poles and general cleaning of warehouse


Conclusion & Recommendation


oFor the proper operation of warehouse management. I advise the management should tell sub-contractors to give us report about uses of materials

oAs a WiAfrica team we have to help each other, respecting and follow up each company rule , correct one another within department and other department since team work has great impact in development of a company also I advise the markets team should give us training about the services and offer which our company provide to the customers.

Thank You !!!